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As a member company of China MEHECO, a listed Central State-Owned Enterprise, Tianshan Pharmaceuticals was established in 1986, which is the first Pharmaceuticals in China using modern technology to produce licorice products and is pioneer and basket of China modern licorice industry.
For nearly thirty years, our staff have been concentrating on technical progress of licorice industry and operation of industrialization on the road of specialization,concentration,brand and technical innovation.

Tianshan Pharmaceuticals owns full sets of licorice industry chains including licorice import, wild licorice conservation, artificial licorice planting and manufacture of licorice industrial salt and its secondary products. Tianshan Pharmaceuticals is the drafter of state standard of most licorice raw materials with world-class licorice technology and institute and system of products development and research as well as talent team.
Our staff hold the values of “responsibility, efficiency, innovation, sunshine”, aiming at realizing mission of “Technology makes high quality licorice raw materials”. Under market circumstance of rapid change and uncertainty, we serve clients sincerely and make our standard based on clients as well as creating flexible manufacturing system to meet the need of clients in every side.
Products of Tianshan Pharmaceuticals is not only material, but also spritual, because it contains responsibility of generations of Tianshan, technical innovation achievement of thirty years and reliability.

About Us